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BRIGHT is a Norwegian solar product company catering to anyone who needs to be less dependent on the electrical grid, whether by choice or by living in off-grid or bad-grid communities. Our expanding range of multi-functional solar lamps and home systems with charging capabilities are built to endure harsh conditions. Our products are durable, functional and beautiful – firmly rooted in Norwegian design. Advanced solar technology and rigorous field testing of electronic components and materials create the foundation of lasting, multi functional, rugged and portable (as well as charming) solar products with high product endurance, low total cost of ownership and minimum waste.


Codan Radio Communications is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium communications equipment for High Frequency (HF) and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) applications. We’ve built our reputation for reliability over 50 years in radio communications, in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. Trusted by the world’s largest mission critical security, military and humanitarian agencies, we relentlessly focus on high reliability, meaning you can count on us to not let you down. Our over-arching goal is absolute customer satisfaction, achieved through a unyielding focus on innovative design, product quality and global customer service which provides our customers the uncompromising reliability they need for their demanding missions. From aid workers fighting famine to peacekeepers rebuilding lives, people all over the world count on Codan for communication.


Agility’s story parallels the rise of emerging markets in the global economy. The company got its start as a local warehousing provider in Kuwait and grew to become the largest logistics company in the Middle East. It acquired more than 40 logistics brands around the world, some in business since the mid-1800s. Agility today is one of the world’s largest integrated logistics providers and the largest private owner and developer of industrial real estate in the Middle East and North Africa


AFRIpads’ mission is to empower women and girls through business, innovation and opportunity.
We are a social enterprise that specializes in the local manufacture and global supply of reusable sanitary pads as a cost-effective menstrual hygiene solution for millions of women and girls worldwide.  AFRIpads has its operational office in Uganda, with sales offices in Kenya and Malawi. By operating as a social business and employing a 90% female staff responsible for manufacturing our innovative menstrual hygiene solution, AFRIpads is dedicated to creating unique opportunities that empower women and girls across the globe.


HOUSE-MATIC is a Spanish company belonging to GRUPO TOBRASA, which is 100% owned by the Torrego family. Its core business is the manufacture and sale of low cost industrial modular housing and structures. Said group has been operating in Spain since 1966 in the traditional construction field and in modular building, residential construction, civil engineering, infrastructure, and textile architecture. We have a team of highly qualified professionals: architects, industrial engineers, consultants, accountants, and translators in six languages, all of whom have extensive experience carrying out international projects.


The British Chamber of Commerce Kenya provide a range of services including:

  • An open forum for the free exchange of ideas, contacts, advice and services;
  • Information and services, in particular regarding the setting up of businesses and conducting operations in Kenya and regionally;
  • A forum for networking and business events;
  • Encourage or support and lobby against local legislation or governmental policies beneficial and detrimental to the business interests of members;
  • Collect, collate, analyse and disseminate any information that may be of interest to members.

We work in conjunction with the Department of International Trade, the Overseas Business network of the British Chambers of Commerce and regional and national bodies in Kenya.

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